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Johann Leonard Moser 1714/18-1782

6 Johann Georg Phillip MOSER B:24 Apr 1683/4 in Weissenkirchberg, Bavaria, Germany

7 Johann Leonard MOSER b: 1714/1718 Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany

   Emigrated: 23 Sep 1732 d:18 JUL 1782 Surrey Co, NC

+MARIA SARAH KOCHHERIN b:abt 1725 m:30 Jan 1742/43 Frederick Co, MD d:before 1746

+Maria Sarah Binkley b:24 SEP 1733 in Steinthal, Alsace, Germany

   m:May 1746? Frederick, Md D:1803 in Stokes, NC

8 Leonard II MOSER b: 1749 Graceham, Monocacy,Frederick Co., MD. d: AFT 1820

+ Magdalena HAHN

+ Elisabetha Christina SCHENKEL b:1752 Monocacy,Frederick Co,Md m:1783/4 Thurmont MD

8 JACOB Moser b:ca.1753 Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. d:1794 Lincoln NC

+ Maria Magdelena ??

8 MARIA SARAH Moser b: ca. 1755 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. Died 1850.

+JOHANN ADAM FULK m:1773 in Bethania, Stokes Co., NC. B:11 Sep 1753 in Allemaengel, PA.

8 ANNA MARIA Moser b: ca. 1757 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

8 JOHN MICHAEL Moser b:1759 Frederick Co., MD d:30 Jun 1818 Stokes co, NC

+ Catherine Koller Color b:ca.1762 Pa m:Feb 1785 d:1844 NC

8 SAMUEL Thomas Moser b: 11 Apr 1761 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. Died 16 Aug 1780 in Camden, SC(Gates' Defeat).

8 FRANCIS M. Moser b: 15 Mar 1763 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. d:22 Oct 1836 in Lakeside, Monroe Co., TN.

   Buried in Old St. Paul Cemetery, Madisonville, TN.

+ELIZABETH MILLER b:ca.1770 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. m:1784 in Lincoln Co., NC. d:ca.1818 in Jefferson Co., TN.

+ MARY ANN MAGDALENE (Polly) SIPES B: 1794 France m: 13 Jun 1820 in Jefferson Co., TN. D: Catawba Co., NC.

8 CHRISTIAN Moser b: 5 Jan 1765 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

8 JOHANNA ELIZABETH Moser b: 6 Jan 1767 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

8 HENRY Moser b:ca.1768 Frederick Co Md



8 JOSEPH Moser b: 21 Jul 1772 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

8 CHRISTINA Moser b: 17 Mar 1774 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

8 PETER Moser



8 JOHN Moser b: 3 Jun 1776 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

+MARY POLLY SMITH. ca: 1778.

Johann Leonard Moser 1714/18 was one of the most interesting of our Moser ancestors.

He was born in Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany, the son of Johann Georg Phillip Moser and Anna Eva Ebbert.

He arrived at the port of Philadelphia 23 Sep 1732 aboard the ship Adventure with his parents George and Eva.

He worked for a time as a teen at the Thomas Cresap plantation on the Susquehanna River.

Church documents from 1736-1743 verfiy that he lived for a time in the Monocacy area which would later become Frederick county Maryland.

Church documents for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick, Maryland dated 30 Jan 1744 record the marriage of Leonard Moser to his first wife Mariah Kocher KOCHHERIN. Maria would die shortly after the birth of their first child around 1746.

At least 14 children were born to his second wife Sarah Binkley.

Though too old to fight in the Revolutionary War, history records that he was paid for providing clothing to the troops.

At least 3 of his sons were known to have fought in the war: John Michael, Samuel Thomas and Francis. A nephew son of Johann Adam named Jacob is often confused with a 4th son who also served.

He and his wife Sarah would later move to Surry County North Carolina in March of 1786.

Note: Land records show that Leonard owned land in North Carolina as early as 1774. His sons' pension applications confirm that he didn't actually move his entire family there until much later. His son Leonard was one that remained in Maryland.

A great number of Leonard's descendants still populate the area of Frederick Co. Maryland to this day.

Revolutionary War

As stated, 3 of Leonard Moser's sons, John Michael, Samuel Thomas and Francis served in the revolutionary war. All three were born in Frederick co Md.

A fourth son Peter may have also served. In a portion of an affidavit sworn by Lewis Wolf he states:
When there was a call for volunteers in February 1778 he went to Salisbury in North Carolina with two others Peter and Michael Moser and volunteered themselves under Capt. Moseby belonging to the troops under the command of General Rutherford.

Affidavits state that John Michael enlisted in 1775 with his brother Thomas. An affidavit by brother Henry confirms it was Samuel

John Michael served 3 years in the Maryland German Regiment of dragoons as a horseman.

Letter from Commissioner of Pensions:
.....showing he enlisted on 30th July 1776 in Lieut. Col. Ludwick Weltner's Regt. Maryland Line

So much for the government's ability to secure records---See dates of battles below.

This company was designated at various times as Capt. William Heyer's 4th Vacant. Lieut. Col. Ludwig Weltner's and The Lieut. Colonel's Company. This organization was formed in compliance with Resolutions of Congress of May 25, and June 27, 1776, which provided that a battalion of Germans be raised for the services of the United Colonies, and that four companies be raised in Pennsylvania, and four companies in Maryland. The organization was disbanded ... October 3, 1780.

Michael fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill (June 17 1775) , White Plains(Oct 28 1776) and Trenton (Dec 26 1776).

During the Battle of Brandywine September 11 1777 Michael was wounded in the leg and carried a musket ball lodged in his knee until his death many years later. Another written version of the story related by his wife says the bullet went through his leg and killed his horse. Maybe it fragmented and both stories are accurate.

He was carried off the field of battle by his friend Benjamin Barham and taken to the hospital in Philadelphia.

After recovering, but still crippled he reenlisted at Valley Forge in Feb 1778 as a substitute for a sick Bolser Duderson and served another 9 months and fought in the Battle of Monmouth(June 28 1778). He then served another 5 months as a substitute for a one Valentine Shreck.

Michael and his brother took part in the Battle at Camden,SC 16 August 1780 known as Gates defeat. Sadly brother Samuel Thomas went MIA and was never heard from again.

Michael was discharged 23 August 1783.

From an affidavit(App for Pension):
"Most of the foregoing items are taken from an old memorandum almost uninteligible that was found among said Mich. Mosers old papers together with what she the said Catherine his widow can recollect of his doings in the war.

From an affidavit(App for Pension) by daughter Elizabeth:
Reference was made to an old piece of writing that was found among some papers of Mich. Moser Dead. Said old paper writing was scarcily legible being about half Dutch and the other half English badly spelled and wore. Said to have been written in the lifetime of Mich. Moser and at his request by Michael Spainhower Sen. now Dead of which old writing with the help of the old lady I tryed to make english of it on a new sheet which reads thus.

After the war, in 1789/1790 John Michael moved from Maryland to North Carolina with wife Catherine and daughter Elizabeth and took residence in his brother Peter's smokehouse. Brother Henry came with him.

Read my transcription of an Affidavit sworn by Henry Moser for John Michael's Pension

Read another transcription of an Affidavit sworn by Peter Moser nephew of John Michael for Pension

Read another transcription of an Affidavit sworn by Catherine Moser wife of John Michael for Pension

Francis Moser enlisted for a term of 9 months in the Continental Army while living in Surry Co NC in 1779.

Francis became ill with 'camp fever' at Savanah river or the Black Swamp about 9 months into his tenure. He was left behind to recover on the march to the next destination by his regiment.

Though still ill but well enough to walk, a witness says he walked 300 to 400 miles to his father's home and was so bad off the family didn't know who he was. He was discharged upon his arrival.

Note: The journey is most likely to his father's estate in Surry Co, NC. The journey to Federick Co Maryland would have been close to 600 miles. It took about 4 months to complete the trek.

From an affidavit(App for Pension):
"He remembers that while at the swamp one sergeant Campbell took around a paper for the men to sign stating that their time was expired and they wished to go home; but the troops could not be spared and he thinks Campbell was whipped."

After recovering for some months he reenelisted for 4 months as a replacement for one Jacob Spoonhower and ended up in the Battle at Camden,SC.

After Gates' defeat he and a brother joined the Maryland Militia in 1781 and served under Cpt Murdock.
From an affidavit(App for Pension):
He was in the Battle of Camden having been marched the previous night from the mill and on the way having fallen in with some British and had a small skirmish. In the battle he was very close to the enemy the man on his right, one on his left and a major in his rear were killed. He thinks he fired 8 rounds. After Gates was defeated the millitia scattered and went home and when applicant went home the country was filled with tories, and he felt unsafe and was ##ed at Gates' defeat, and he and a brother of his early in 1781 took horses and went to the state of Maryland and joined the militia.

He was there when Cornwallis surrenderd at Yorkton.

Francis would apply for and receive Pension Benefits ($53.33 per annum) in 20 Sep 1832 while living in Monroe Co Tennessee at 70 years of age. The following is my transcription of a portion of one application:
"That he was born in Frederick county Maryland AD 1763. He has no record of his age. He was living in Surry Co NC when called into service., he lived 3 years after the revolution in Frederick County Maryland, then moved into Surry County No Carolina where he lived two years, then moved into Lincoln county No Ca where he lived upwards of 30 years, when he moved to East Tennessee, staying a year and upwards in Greene county, when he moved into Jefferson where he lived 10 years, and 5 years ago moved into said county of Monroe where he now resides."

The widows of Michael and Francis applied for Pension Benefits and Bounty Land many years after the war and were rejected because they could not produce a recorded marriage license. Catherine applied in 1838 and and still after her death in 1844 hadn't been approved when her daughter Elizabeth reapplied in 1856. Francis' widow Mary Sipes did manage to get her monetary benefits, $53.33 per year in 1853 but it isn't clear whether she was ever approved for 160 acres of Bounty Land she applied for.

Note: One of the requirements for widows applying for their husband's pensions was proof of marriage. Among the papers presented for Mary Sipe's application was an agreement between Abraham Sipe and Frances Moser which included a dowry of $1250 for the marriage of Polly Sipe and Frances Moser dated 27 May 1820 in Jefferson county Tennessee.

Nephew Jacob enlisted in Maryland in 12 April 1778 in Col Ludwig Weltner's German Battalion and was discharged 1 Jan 1781.

Jacob's widow Elizabeth Onstott Moser Williams applied for pension in 1836 and received it in 1850.(better late than never?) She was living with sons John and Jacob in Martin Indiana in 1850.

There were at least 2 Jacob Mosers in the Revolutionary War (Transcription):
Land office Annapolis
30th Dec 1850
I have to state that I find upon the rolls of the 3rd regiment the name of Jacob Moser or Moses as also upon the rolls of the German Regiment.

A Jacob Moses appears on the rolls of the 3rd Md Regiment commanded by Col Mordecai Gist

Another source for the second
I advise you that from the Revolutionary War Records of this Bureau it appears that Bounty Land Warrant 1462 for three hundred acres of land issued July 15, 1796, on account of the services of Jacob Mouser who was Captain of Pennsylvania troops during the Revolution.

A Jacob Musser(1775) was living with wife Margaret in 1850 PA census. This would possibly be a son of Cpt Jacob Mouser.

Note: There is some debate on the origin of the Jacob Moser that was married to Elizabeth Onstott. Was he the son of Leonard or Adam? See: Jacob Moser

War of 1812

Leonard Moser of 1785, son of Leonard 1749, could very well have served in the War of 1812. He appears as a private in the Service index of Volunteer Soldiers as serving in the 32nd Regiment (Hood's) Maryland Militia.

Note: If interested there are many pages of correspondence between the 2 widows and their children and the bureaucratic idiots of the day, archived at the Fold3 website. (memberships are actually quite reasonable) There is a lot of information on marriage dates, children and where they resided and how long.

Descendants of:

Leonard b:1749
+ Elisabetha Christina SCHENKEL
Leonard b:1785
+ Nancy Woolford
Heinrich b:1794
+ Anne ???
Elias b:1809
+ Lydia Ann Harp

Jacob b:ca.1753
+ Maria Magdalena ??
Jacob b:ca.1779
+ Margaret ???
John b:ca.1781
+ Rosina Deal
Henry b:ca.1782
+ Susannah Sigman
Samuel b:ca.1793
+ Elizabeth Fulbright
Barnet b:ca.1794
+ Margaret Gobble

Peter b:1753
John Henry b:1800
Peter b:1785
Rebecca b:ca.1800
Susanna b:1802
William b:1789
Jacob b:1791
John Adam b:1793
Catharina b:1794
Sarah b:1795
Daniel b:1799

Mary b:1780?

John Michael b:1759
John b:1785 d:1785 Md
Elizabeth b:Nov 1787 Md
+ John Henry Moser
Polly Maria b:18 Nov 1794 NC
+ John Fiscus
Maria Catherine b:16 Jun 1797 NC
+ Frederick Fulk
John Jacob b:13 Aug 1799 NC
+ Sally Fulk


Francis Moser Mosier b:1763
+ Elizabeth Miller
Peter b:1790 NC
+ Maria Balliett
John b:1793 NC
+Barbara Hunsacker
+ Magdalene Sheets
Sarah b:1796 NC
+ Daniel Summitt
Mary Ann b:1801 NC
+ William Sipes
Joseph b:1806 NC
+ Isabelle Dunnigan
Francis b:1812 NC
+ Elizabeth Snider

+ Mary Sipes
Mary Ann b:1822 Tn
+ Jacob Snider
Leonard b:1823 Tn
Eliza b:1824 Tn
+ James Sipes
Jacob b:1827 Tn
William Henry b:1828 Tn
Anderson N b:1830 Tn

Henry b:ca.1768
Rebecca b:1798
Adam b:ca.1812



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