Alban - Moser - Eby Family History

Her children arise up, and call her blessed.
Proverbs 31:28


George E Alban 1810 - 1886

2 George E Alban b: 21 Aug 1810 Carroll county, Md d: 6 Mar 1886

+Mary Ann Wheeler b: 7 Jan 1815 Carroll County, Md m: 12 Jan 1833 d: 24 Mar 1884

3 Noah W Alban b: 27 Mar 1834 Carroll County, Md

+ Mary E Kone

3 John Wesley Alban b: 14 Apr 1835 Carroll County, Md

+ Angeline Hare

3 Thomas William Alban 30 May 1838 Carroll County, Md

+ Elizabeth Resh

3 Mary Elizabeth Alban 16 Mar 1840 Carroll County, Md

3 Keziah Jane Alban b: 1842 Carroll County, Md

3 George W Alban b: 3 Aug 1846 Carroll County, Md

+ Jane Morrison

3 William Henry Alban b:1855 Carroll County, Md

+ Mary Etta Hare

George E is the son of George ca.1776 and Mary.

I added the initial E after finding his signature on an Application for bounty Land Pension Benefits that he signed as a witness to one Charles Baublits' identity. Also witnessed by then Justice of the Peace , brother Zachariah on 19 May 1855.

Historical Maps from 1862 and 1877 shows G Alban with a tract of land in Hampstead District, Carroll co, just north of and bordering Grave Run (upper branch) and another tract adjacent to George and bordered by the eastern county line with Balto. co owned by son Thomas William.

An 1850 census record shows mother Mary at 70 living next door to George (age 40).

Farther south in Carroll Co are tracts owned by Henry Sr and Henry Jr.

The 1910 census shows William Henry(son of George) living in 5th district East of Falls Road with son Noah next door.

See: Source Material for Historical Maps of Land Tracts.

Descendants of:

Noah W b:1834
+ Mary E Kone
Emory O (Adopted) b:1883

John Wesley b:1835
+ Angeline Hare
John Wesley Jr b:1862
William Simon b:1863
Thomas Theodore b:1865
George H b:1867
Cora I b:ca.1872
Abbie Jane b:1876
Charles Ross b:1877
Harvey Scott b:1879
Franklin M b:1886

Thomas William b:1838
+ Elizabeth Resh
Jacob E b:1861
George H b:1863
Daniel E b:1865
William H b:1867
Laura K b:1870
Urban V b:1875
Mary b:1877
Albert D b:1878

George W b:1846
+ Jane Morrison
Alverta b:1869

William Henry b:1855
+ Mary Etta Hare
Harry b:ca.1874
William Derand b:1876
Noah W b:1884
Agnes V b:1886
Royden Fletcher b:1890
Lawrence Dutton b:1893

The fifth son of George Joseph Alban


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