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Catherine Moser Affidavit

State of North Carolina
County of Stokes
Be it known that on the 10th day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine before me Charles Banner a Justice of the Peace within and for the county and state afresaid personally appeared Catherine Moser seventy seven years a resident of of the county aforesaid widow of the late Michael Moser deceased who being duly sworn according to law declares that she is not able to travel to court to make a declaration that she is the widow of said Michael Moser Dec. who she has just reason to believe served as a private enlisted dragoon soldier in the war of the Revolution in the United States Service.

First he enlisted as a dragoon with his brother Thomas Moser for 3 years in the state of Pennsylvania (county unknown) under the command of Colonel Bosel = Bossel or some such a name.

She speaks very broken English she being of German descent. She said he entered the service in 1775 in March or April and was in the Battle of bunker hill in June 1775 and the battle of white plains in 1776 in October and taking the Hessians at Trenton in December 1776 and in the battle of brandywine in September 1777 when and where he received a wound by a ball shot through his leg and killing his horse. He was carried off the battle ground by one of his **** mates named Benjamin Barham and taken to the hospital at Philadelphia.

When he recovered from his wound tho a cripple for life he went to Valley forge and joined the army at headquarters in Feb 1778 where Gen Washington had kept winter quarters. Then next he went as a substitute for one Bolser Duderson nine months in which such service he was in the battle of Monmouth.

He immediately reentered the service as a substitute for one Valentine Schreck for five months. The names of officers not recollected but perhaps some proof will be had from Hartwell Barham who was in the service with her husband as he her husband told her that said Barham draws a pension and living in the county of Stokes.

Most of the foregoing items are taken from an old memorandum almost uninteligible that was found among said Mich. Mosers old papers together with what she the said Catherine his widow can recollect of his doings in the war.

They were married in Kregertown Frederick county and the state of Maryland by a minister of the Lutheran Church after the Bons of marriage had been published they being both members of the said church. the marriage took place in February 1785 after her said husbands service in the war and whille they lived in union together as man and wife she had five children born of her body. ****, John who died when young born in December 1785 - Elizabeth born in November 1787 - Polly in July 1789 - Catherine in May 1793 and Jacob the youngest in August 1802 there being no formal record but expects their births is recorded in the Lutheran church in this county of Stokes. Her said husband died in Stokes county NC in the 30th of June 1818. and she has remained unmarried his widow ever since. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first above mentioned before me . the claim a pension under the act of July 7th 1838.
C Banner Jp Catherine X Moser her mark

On the 16th of November 1839 Hartwell Barham a pensioneer of the United States at the rate of ninety six dollars per annum who is a person well known to me to be of a respectable character a resident of Stokes county NCarolina being sworn according to law declares that he knew the within named Michael Moser and was frequently with him in time of the Revolutionary War and believes said Moser was in all the battles named in the within declarations as this affiant was in the same and was an eye witness when a cousin of his named Benjamin Barham a large strong man took up said Michael Moser behind him on his horse and rescued him from the British Moser being wounded in the leg in the battle of Brandywine in September 1777. Said Moser and this affiant frequently met at courts of Stokes county and would have a talk of their hardship and risks they had encountered in the war with England but don't remember the names of the officers that Moser was under but he was a dragoon horseman and after his recovery from his wound he entered the service under a Captain Lucos in February or March of 1778. He went as a substitute for a sick man by the name of Duderson and he frequently saw said Moser acting his part as a horseman soldier and believes he actually served the four years and two months the time mentioned in the within declarations.
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first above mentioned before me . C Banner JP Hartwell Barham

PS I have written to Kregertown in Maryland for proof but no answer has been sent. CB




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