Alban - Moser - Eby Family History

Her children arise up, and call her blessed.
Proverbs 31:28


Eli Alban 1803-1853

1 Eli Alban b:MAR 1803 Baltimore Co.*, Md d:15 OCT 1853 Baltimore Co, MD

+ Johannah (Hannah)Shaffer b: 29 AUG 1805 in Baltimore Co., Md.

2 Melchior Alban b: 10 OCT 1824 in Md

+ Mary Zouck b:1834

2 George S Alban b:1828 Baltimore Co, Md

+ Catherine E Kone b:ca.1833

2 Samuel S Alban b:FEB 1830 Baltimore Co, Md.

+ Susanna b:

2 Mary "Polly" Alban b:1833 Baltimore Co Md

2 Jehu S Alban b: MAR 1838 Baltimore Co, Md

+ Anna Maria Wisner b:Mar 1835 d:1871

+ Mary Cramer b:3 Apr 1836

2 Eli S Alban b: 6 MAR 1841 Baltimore Co, Md

+ Elizabeth Bull b:2 Jul 1848

2 Zachariah S Alban b:1845 Baltimore Co, Md

+ Martha Fowbleb:1844

2 John O Alban b:1 APR 1846 Baltimore Co, Md

+ Martha E Tracey b:28 Jan 1851

*Pipe Creek Hundred - Now Carroll Co.

Eli Alban settled in the 5th district of Baltimore county just south of George's Run on Spooks Hill Road. A map of District 5 Baltimore County in 1855 verifies that location.

This land would appear to pass to a grandaughter Emma Jane Zouck, daughter of Barbara Ellen and JH Zouck who married Elijah Peregoy. The 1920 verifies Elijah Peregoy on Foreston Road and a map of 1915 shows a Peregoy at the Spooks Hill location.

Today that land lies under the waters of the Pretty Boy Reservoir.

In 1850 Eli also held land in the 7th District of Baltimore county in Parkton. His son Eli Samuel would later inherit this property. Most likely this land was another casualty of the reservoir.

Eli married Hannah or Johannah Shaffer who is probably a daughter or niece of a close neighbor Jacob Shaffer.

Eli would die in 1853 and his wife Hannah would continue with her sons in the farming trade.

She would still be there in 1880 with one of her sons Eli Samuel, his wife Lizzie and their first child Ida.

Several of Eli's descendants settled in the 6th district of Balto co just north of George's Run on a road we deduce to be named Parkton or Shamberger Mill.

Others would settle in the 5th District.

His son Zachariah lived on Foreston Road across from Forest Baptist Church between the forks of Pretty Boy Branch, 5th District.

Son Jehu S lived at the intersection of Gunpowder Falls and Poplar Run on Beckleysville Road, 6th District in 1877. His land would pass to his son William Ervin.

John O was living in Mt Carmel in 1878(Map reference below) on Foreston Road, 5th District. In 1920 census John and Martha list a Foreston road address and daughter Estella Benson, divorced is living with them.

A later map 1876-1915 shows John O on Foreston road across from Forest Baptist Church.(Forest Ridge Cemetery) The same map shows Hannah at the original location just below George's Run.

The 1877 map show an M Alban, possibly Melchior living on an unknown road above Georges Run, possibly Parkton or Shamberger Mill Rd (now under water), in the 6th district .

In 1870 George S was living in Manchester District, Carroll co. He was one of the first Albans to migrate to Nodaway Missouri.

See: Source Material for Historical Maps of Land Tracts.

Descendants of:

Melchior b: ca.1827
+ Mary Zouck
John C b:1874(adopted)

George S b:1828
+ Catherine E Kone
John O b:1858
Laura M b:1861
Ida V b:1864

Samuel S b:1830
+ Susanna
Eli J b:1855
Ida F b:1857
Edward H b: ca. 1859
Florence b: ca. 1864
Samuel b: ca. 1866
Alverta b: ca. 1868

Jehu S b:1838
+ Anna Maria Wisner
Mary F b: ca. 1863
Jane Ann b: ca. 1867
George H b:1869
Maud b: ca. 1875
William Irving b:1876
Eugene F b:1880

Eli S b:1841
+ Elizabeth Bull
Ida Virginia b:1870
Melchor B b:1872
Harry Wilbert b:1874
Hester Alverda b:1876
Eli Hanson b:1878
Blanche b:1880
Clarence M b:1882
Estella E b:1887
Ella M b:1887

Zachariah S b:1845
+ Martha Fowble
Hannah Missouri b:1865
Eli Webster b:1867

John O b:1846
+ Martha E Tracey
Minnie Alverta b:1872
Anna Estella b:ca.1875


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