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Her children arise up, and call her blessed.
Proverbs 31:28


George Alban 1776-1844

1 George Alban b: ca.1776 in Md d: Jul 1844 in Baltimore, Md

+ Mary b: ca.1775 in Md d: Jun 1, 1865 in Grave Run,Baltimore Co, Md

2 Zachariah Alban b:1798 Carroll County*, Md d:1887* Union Meeting House

+ Frances Ensor

2 Eli Alban b: 1803 Carroll County*, Md d: 1853

+ Johannah Shaffer

2 Henry Alban b: 1805, Carroll County*, Md

+ Mary Kelbaugh

2 Hannah Alban b: 1806, Carroll County*, Md

+ William Hale

2 George E Alban b: 21 Aug 1810 Carroll County*, Md d: 1880

+ Mary Ann Wheeler

2 Mary Alban b: 1812 Carroll County*, Md

+ Thomas Harris

2 Sarah Alban b: 1814 Carroll County*, Md

+ Michael Harris

2 Joseph P. Alban b:1816, Carroll County*, Md

+ Susan Shaffer

Pipe Creek Hundred ,North Hundred , Later 3rd District Baltimore Co- Now Carroll Co.

Sadly, we know nothing of the origin of George 1776.

Most census records state that he was born in Maryland.

Another theory: If the connection of daughter Mary to Thomas Harris is correct, Mary shows in the 1880 census that her father was born in Scotland and mother in Wales.

If Zachariah was really his first born son, naming patterns of that day would suggest that George's father would be named Zachariah. His wife Mary's father would then be named Eli.

The 1800 census shows a Thomas Alben and a Solomon Albon, but no real connection can be made to either person.

Could he have been a brother of Ruben Elbin(1780) who appears in the Allegany County, Md Census of 1850? Elbin is another historical spelling of the surname. Ruben's name appears as Ruben Alben in the War of 1812 muster rolls. Naming patterns are also very similar to our George; his son William, Wm's children:Sarah, Ann, William, George, Henry

George served in the Maryland Militia during the War of 1812. His son Zachariah enlisted as his substitute while he returned home briefly for the birth of one of his children in 1813.

His wife Mary did apply for and receive Bounty Land Benefits for his Service after his death. What a shame that we can't locate the application which could have included maiden name and other family information.


George was a farmer and raised his family in what is now Albantown Maryland. His descendants still populate that area today.

George's orignial property seems to have been located in Baltimore County previous to the year 1837 when Carroll Co was formed and their land holdings were split.

Part of Carroll Co was created from what were Pipe Creek Hundred and North Hundred, later District 3 Baltimore County as verified by the 1810, 1820 and 1830 census records.

In his will, George left his real estate holding to his son Joseph with whom he was living at his death in 1844. Joseph is found in the census records of 1850 living in District 5 Baltimore County.The apron of a Map of Carroll Cnty 1865 (upper right corner)shows Joseph living at the intersection of Upper Beckleysville Road and Brickstore Road near the Baltimore/Carroll county line. Note: Apron shows Jacob Hare(below)

Later land ownership maps of 1876-1900 and 1896-1915 show an Alban Est. at the corner of Falls Rd and Beckleysville Rd.

One believable scenario on the Alban Estate is that it was land originally owned by Jacob Hare. His property records mention 175 1/4 acres located north Grave run and called Hair's Retirement Land.

Jacob Hair/Hare – Baltimore County 175 ¼ acres “Hair’s Retirement” Land beginning at bounded hickory standing on a point of rocks on the north side of a run called Grave’s Run, a draught of the Great Falls of the Gunpowder. Land granted 19 November 1794.

A land ownership map of 1877 shows Jacob Hare living on Beckleysville Rd between Falls Rd and Brickstore Rd. He also appears at that location on the apron of the 1865 map of Carroll County mentioned earlier.

Part of this acreage may have passed to John Wesley Alban who was married to Angeline Hare daughter of Jacob Hare and mentioned in his will.

Census records of 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 show John Wesley Alban and his sons William Simon and George H living in this area.

George H Alban is still located there in 1930, but brother Wm Simon has moved to District 6 Balto.

A land ownership map of 1865 (Carroll Cnty) shows George Alban(1816) living less than a mile away on what is now Millers Station Road, a few feet north of Big Grave Run creek in District 8, Carroll County. His son Thomas William is right across the road.

Another land ownership map of 1877(District 5 Balto) shows N.Alban and H.Alban living on Upper Beckleysville road just south of Manchester Road now Brickstore Road. These are very possibly the sons of George(1816), Noah(1834, 1920 Census lists Upper Beckleysville Road) and Henry William(1850, 1920 Census lists Beckleysville Road).

Henry Jr, son of Henry(1805) was located about 2 miles south of George(1816) at the intersection of what is now Fairmont Road and Georges Run in Carroll county. Henry Sr was located a short distance southward on Gross Mill Rd near Murphy Run.

Records suggest, son Henry remained in Carroll county, while Zachariah, Eli and Joseph settled in Baltimore County.

Later migrations to the states of Pennsylvania, Idaho, Kansas and Missouri are on record.

When doing your own ancestry searches it might help to remember that the early Albans were illiterate. You will find these versions of their name spelled and transcribed: Alban, Albin, Albon, Olbon, Alben, Alband, Alburn, Allburn, Allbourn. Historical versions of the surname are:Albone, Allibone, Hallibone, Albin, Allbahn, Alibone, Allbones, Allbone, Alban, Aubyn, Aubin, Auban, Ellibone, Elbin, Ellban, Ellbone and there could be more.

The key to understanding the Alban families of Maryland begins with tracking where each of the 5 sons Zachariah, Eli, Henry ,George E and Joseph settled.

See: Sources for Historical Maps of Carroll and Baltimore counties.


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