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Henry Moser Affidavit

State of North Carolina
County of Forsyth
On this 9th day of September AD1856 personally appeared before me a justice of the Peace within and for the county and state aforesaid Henry Moser Sen aged eighty eight years in May last a resident of Stokely County N Carolina he being duly sworn according to law, declares on his oath that he recollects very well the time when his two brothers Michael and Samuel Moser enlisted as dragoons or horseman soldiers in the service of the United States in the Revlutionary War for the term of three years he believes the Col Commandant name was Barrel Bojel at Gregertown in Frederick County in the state of Maryland and believes it was in the year 1776 or 77 he can't say which. His father Leonard Moser and family then resided in said Cregertown. He further states that his said brothers Michael and Samuel was gone the full term of three years and returning home Michael was lame in one leg from a wound he received in the Battle of Brandywine.

He said afterwards his said brothers went into the service again Mich Moser went as a substitute for one Bolsen duderson nine months and came home and next he served five or six months as a substitute for one Valentine Shreck

In these last services they were in the south and was in the Battle of Gates' defeat near Camden in South Carolina and his brother Samuel never has been heard of since said Battle. His brother Michael returned home safe and after a lapse of several years he said Michael Moser and Catherine Coler was married in the Lutheran Church of which they were members about Christmas in the year 1784 by a preacher of the church whose name he has forgotten. The banner of marriage being first published agreeable to the duty of the church he this affiant says he was present and saw them married.

They had a son born in Decm 1785 and called his name John. Who died in Cregertown when about one month old and in March 1786 this affiant's father Leonard Moser and family removed from Cregertown aforesaid to Surry County in N Carolina and about three years afterward this affiant went back to his brother Mich Moser in Cregertown and lived with him about two years.

Mean time he got married and in fall or autumn of 1789 with his said brother Michael and wife and one child called Elizabeth all removed to surry county N Carolina which was shortly afterward divided and made Stokes County out of part of Surry. they had five children in all to wit John died, Elizabeth was born in Cregertown in 1786 he believes. Polly, Catherine and Jacob all now living there. No family record as he knows of except perhaps in the church book where they were christened. Michael Moser him this affiants brother aforesaid died in Stokes county thirty eight years past last June leaving Catherine his widow until the day of her death which ocurred the first day iof July eighteen hundred and forty four._Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first above mentioned before me C Banner - Henry X Moser his mark.

The foregoing affidavit was sworn to and subscribed before me on the day above mentioned and I hereby certify that I know the said affiant to be a respectable person of truth and of remarkable good memory of a man of his age that his evidence is entitled to credit in the case of Elizabeth Moser and heirs of Catherine Moser for a Pension. C Banner JP




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